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While the story is not a direct adaptation, the movie borrows concepts from a comic by Frank Miller titled The Dark Knight Returns Here is an article that explores the two works of art (the comic was published first. 10 Times Batman V Superman Directly Used Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Batman’s Tactics Against Superman We’ve got to hand ...


Yes these are the mother boxes. Though this is not the real Steppenwolf or the real mother boxes. This is just a premonition scene of whats to come that Lex witnesses. It sets up that Steppenwolf, or some creature atleast is looking for the Mother Boxes.


Because they were already tapping Russian's phone This is every call made from the Russian's phone. Two mentions of business with the "White Portuguese" and it's continuing transmitting black out data to the personal residence of Alexandra Luthor. And later after the Martha's reveal ALFRED: Uh, I'm sorry for listening in. But I've tracked ...

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