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What are the awards for which Netflix original movies are eligible?

Actually for any film to be nominated for major awards like the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes, they need to have at least a limited release in theatres. In 2017, Netflix released Okja and ...
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How do the Oscars work?

The nominees and winners are both chosen exclusively by members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS or “The Academy” for short). Production and distribution companies send free ...
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Would Lord of The Rings: Return of The King have met 2024 Oscar diversity standards?

Standard A - 0/3 - FAIL A1 - Lead or significant supporting actors are all white - FAIL A2 - General ensebmle cast still mostly white males - FAIL A3 - Main storyline/subject matter (I think hobbits ...
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Why are some of Kids' awards rewarded to non-kids' movies?

Per, although the winners are selected by their young viewers, the nominees are selected by Nickelodeon themselves, based on whatever criteria they see fit. Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon ...
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First Best Actor Oscar for war movie

Actually, the very first "Best Actor" Oscar ever awarded, which was for the years 1927/28 went to Emil Jannings for his performance in two films, one of which was The Last Command, arguably a "war ...
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How do teleprompters work at award ceremonies?

This Quora answer provides a visual: They are in behind the first section of the audience, as shown in this screen capture taken while Barbra Streisand was introducing BlacKkKlansman. However, there ...
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Was anybody ever denied an Oscar or other award because of the Hollywood blacklist?

People who were denied an Oscar because they were blacklisted. Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson These screenwriters did not receive an Oscar for The Bridge on the River Kwai. Pierre Boulle won the ...
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Why was Bodyguard nominated for Golden Globe series awards rather than miniseries awards?

The studio or publicist chooses which category to submit their show, which, although it can be overridden by the HPFA membership (by 2/3 vote), usually stands. So it's basically up to them. There is ...
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