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What aspect ratios are used in Oppenheimer?

According to IndieWire: According to IMAX, when presented in 70mm IMAX, the “Oppenheimer” sequences shot on 15-perf 65mm are printed full quality in their native format for the highest possible ...
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How was Star Trek (original series) reformatted for 16:9 presentation?

I am not sure what you are talking about here: “There are HD digital remasters which fill a 16:9 HD frame.” According to this 2016 article from TrekMovie.com, the visual effects were done in 16:9, ...
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What aspect ratios are used in Oppenheimer?

Oppenheimer Formats Aspect Ratio Format 1.43 ↔ 2.20 IMAX 70mm and IMAX GT Dual Laser 1.90 ↔ 2.20 IMAX Single Laser and Digital IMAX 2.20 Non-IMAX digital and 70mm 2.35 35mm I will explain what ...
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