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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

First of all, many of the actual activities involving espionage happened, originally, against the backdrop of the Cold War. Obviously, having more different nations in a more compressed space gives a ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

Because a European setting is a standard part of the genre. The genre of Spy Fiction was popularized by British writers during the Cold War. Being (sort of) European themselves, it is quite natural ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

Who would the spies spy against, if the movie was set in the USA? In Europe there are lots of countries, so there can be lots of targets for espionage. Especially during the cold War, there was plenty ...
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Why does Hollywood rarely hire well-known voice-actors/actresses instead of well-known actors/actresses to voice-act animations?

Because movie making is a business and having well known actors and other celebrities voice characters helps sell the movie. I'm sure Hollywood would prefer to hire less expensive talent for all ...
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What does Harry Dean Stanton mean by "Old pond; Frog jumps in; Splash!"

古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音 The old pond A frog leaps in. Sound of the water. This probably refers to one of the masterpieces of the Japanese culture, a haiku poem by Matsuo Basho known as The Old Pond. Its ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

Here are a few possible reasons... Maybe US audiences see Europe as something of a melting pot - harmonious on the surface but with many deep underlying resentments. We've all fought each other many ...
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What would be the last decade in the US that wide release movies would be shot, edited and released on film?

I'm sure others with better knowledge will be more specific but: In short: What would be the last decade in the US that wide release movies would be shot, edited and released on film? 1990s. A ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

It's boring to shoot action movies in the US. I cannot remember a single action movie set in I dunno South Dakota. Slightly strange to hear that given the overwhelming number of action movies set in ...
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Why is Atlanta Georgia becoming the new Hollywood?

Simply.... Money There are significant tax incentives for film production in Georgia (both movie & TV) Time has an excellent article online Georgia has been working to attract Hollywood since ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

Europe is a convenient setting because there are so many countries with varying languages and customs in close proximity. This functions as a showcase of the spies skills and preparation, that they ...
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Why is Universal allowed to open a theater?

Short Answer: The theater is not owned by Universal. Long Answer: You are correct that studios are not allowed to own movie theaters, let alone chains. In this case, the news stories make ...
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Most recent Hollywood feature film without closing credits

The last Hollywood movie I found with no end credits is Apocalypse Now (1979): I have always felt the movie to be the very best depiction we will ever see of the insanity of war. I actually saw it ...
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What's with the trend of releasing movies outside the US first?

I've read many explanations and none of them make any sense except for one: piracy. If a movie were to be released in America first, the audio would be English. MANY people around the world can ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

For the TLDR challenged: A ton of history available to further any absurd plot. Any rotten brick in Europe has a far longer history than anything in the US. This allows the use of famous backdrops (...
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Why is Grauman's Chinese Theater used for so many premieres?

The TCL Chinese Theatre, which is it's current name has "premieres" (some of which are for TV shows) about twice a month. 2016 Schedule Recall however, that these will be the US premieres. ...
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What's a "Diamond Lane"?

A "diamond lane" is another name for a "HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) Lane," so named because they are typically marked with diamonds painted on the pavement (and sometimes on lighted signs above them)....
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Actor-director partnership

Arguably, John Ford & John Wayne. - 24 to 35 years (1928/39 - 1963) Ford directed Wayne in Stagecoach (1939) and continued to feature him until at least 1963 with Donovan's Reef. In fact, Ford ...
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How do you define that a movie is "American"?

The country of origin has to do more with trade laws and intellectual rights than anything. Harry Potter is listed as both UK and USA, yet there is very little US footprint in it's creation. From ...
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Were American films ever shown in the US in foreign languages?

The answer is yes. Apparently it is hard for these theaters to survive because bigger chains squeeze them out of new releases with protectionist "exclusive access" clauses. At least that is ...
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Why are rebel groups always situated in the Rocky Mountains?

The Rocky Mountains are some of the hardest terrain to navigate in the United States. If someone was trying to lose themselves, that would be the place to do it. In addition, with hunting/gathering ...
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Cover Girl and a Hollywood-Bollywood Connection

The plot summary you provide would describe practically every musical ever made, and musicals contain singing and dancing by definition. A very high proportion of movies, let alone musicals, consist ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

There's a lot of good answers already, so let me just add a few more reasons to the bunch: Europe seems scenic and exotic to many Americans. In part this is related to the common occurence of ...
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Is there a source that suggests Judge Noose in A Time to Kill is biracial, and passing for white?

what's the point of him telling Brigance he doesn't think a black person can get a fair trial in all of Mississippi? The obvious reason for denying Brigance's motion for change of venue would be Noose ...
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Why do movies sometimes come out on Wednesdays?

LA Times elaborate it quite well with some official opinions: "We just believe releasing it on a Wednesday before a four-day weekend is like having a rolling sneak preview." - Chris McGurk "...
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Why do movies sometimes come out on Wednesdays?

Studios can choose to release a movie any day of the week. However, movie attendance is a crowd phenomenon. An important part of the moviegoing experience is watching the show in a theater full of ...
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Indian Movies have song where Actors Dance but hollywood movies don't

Both Hollywood and Bollywood have music/songs in them. You can clearly see songs in bollywood movies and you can check on end credits on hollywood movie about tracks they've used in it. Why Bollywood ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

One other concern for directors and location scouts regarding this subject that I've not seen anyone else mention is the architectural variance of filming outside of the US. Although there are ...
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Why are so many American (spy) movies set in Europe?

In the case of Jason Bourne, I would suspect it is more so because the novels it is based upon are set there. Why the spy novels are often set in Europe is another matter. As many have suggested here ...
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