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Why are there no guns in Alien³?

Why are there no guns or weapons in this movie according to IMDB: The producers of AlienĀ³ wanted each film to be different in tone and style. It is apparent that they did not want to make "Aliens 2"...
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Where did Alien come from?

After watching both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant (links to IMDb pages), the answer appears to be a combination of factors (WARNING: Spoilers for both movies follow, but as they are the entire ...
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Why are there no guns in Alien³?

All great answers and all containing interesting detail - however the truth of it is that they wanted and needed Ripley in the movie. Sigourney Weaver would only do it if there were no guns. So there ...
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In Alien 3, is the Ox/ Dog xenomorph a Queen?

I've thought about this A LOT, after rewatching the movie. The important factors that determines what a Xenomorph can be are the characteristics of the host itself. Yes, that includes gender. That ...
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