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Why is the movie called "8 mile"?

The film is named after a street in Detroit, Michigan that is officially Michigan Highway M-102, specifically a portion that follows the locally named "8 Mile Road". In Detroit, particularly in ...
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Why is the movie called "8 mile"?

8-Mile road is a major road in Southeast Michigan. In the Detroit area it has cultural significance because it is a defacto dividing line between the predominantly poor city area and the wealthier ...
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Why is the movie called "8 mile"?

I would call into question some of what @KutuluMike stated in his answer, and provide a better one - one from an authentic Detroiter. Perhaps long ago it once served as a line that divided the ...
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Why is the movie called "8 mile"?

The movie 8-Mile did get its name from the road in Southeast Michigan; this road does separate two counties and two cultures; the movie explores the interactions between these cultures. The road got ...
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In "8 mile" what does this lyric mean?

As explained on Rabbit points at a different member of Doc’s crew (Free World) each time he says a number. This implies that they are all trying to emulate 2Pac, ripping off his ...
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What is the meaning of "16 mile road" in this particular rap?

16 mile road refers to the actual 16 Mile Road where white people are demographically predominant. To understand what it means one needs to take a look at the remaining lyrics. The last two lines of ...
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What was Cheddar Bob's last name?

His last name was Zurowsky. There's a scene where Eminem gets into a fight with his mom's boyfriend, who happens to be about the same age as Eminem. The exchange goes something like this: Eminem's ...
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