A movie about 300 Spartans taking on the Persian empire to keep their land free. Based on the Graphic Novel of the same name by Frank Miller.

300 tells the tale of King Leonidas of the Spartans in Greece, rebelling against the advancing Persian Empire looking to take over their lands, in a defiant act against the supposed God-King Xerxes.

Leonidas leads 300 of his best men into battle against an army rumored to be in the millions, in order to prove to the Persians sheer numbers mean nothing if the soldiers do not know how to fight.

This movie is based off of the popular Graphic Novel 300 by Frank Miller. Miller based his work off of the Battle of Thermopylae; where a small band of Greek Soldiers lead by the real Leonidas (numbering more in the 7000 range) held off the army of Xerxes I which numbered in the 100k-300k range.