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Was the boy guilty in 1957's 12 Angry Men?

UNDETERMINED We're never told either way. The movie is more focused on prejudice than anything else, and how some jurors wanted him to be guilty based on his background. In the end, reasonable doubt ...
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Why the fan and rain in 12 Angry Men?

The fan and heat represent the frustration of the jury to not come to an immediate decision. The fan finally gets fixed when the jury breaks their tie, giving the room and the viewers a small sense ...
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Missing ending scene in 12 Angry Men?

Oh boy, I fell down the rabbit hole. It appears such a scene does not exist. I started by watching the end of the movie. This is my description of events. All the jurors leave the Jury room, ...
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Understanding the Emotional Shift in '12 Angry Men' (1957): From Outburst to Tears in the Not-Guilty Verdict

That one of the jurors, #3, played by Lee J. Cobb, is "a hot-tempered owner of a courier business who is estranged from his son; [initially] the most passionate advocate of a "guilty" ...
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Number of Witnesses Against the Accused Boy in '12 Angry Men'

I am not sure if there are other 'character' witnesses or the like, but there are two discussed eye-witnesses that testify in the case: One who claims to have seen the murder taking place, through ...
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Does 1957's 12 Angry Men consist of only one cut?

What I love about this movie is that though the set was a room Lumet and Kaufman, his cinematographer, did their best to amplify 12 Angry Men tone so that at the end the feeling of tension appears. ...
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What is the significance of exchanging names at the end of 12 Angry Men?

It humanizes them. But notice, after that, old Mr. McCardle suddenly looks uncomfortable, as if he feels he's crossed a line of inappropriate intimacy. These men are supposed to symbolize universal ...
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