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Why is Los Angeles targeted for destruction so often in Hollywood movies?

One of my favourite types of films are ones where some form of cataclysm occurs (morbid I know). But one thing I have noticed in many films is the destruction of the city of Los Angeles (sometimes destroyed by itself and sometimes destroyed alongside other cities).

Asides from the obvious Battle Los Angeles, there are:

  • Massive earthquakes, such as in San Andreas, 2012, the earlier Earthquake film
  • Alien attack (asides from the example before), such as in Independence Day (as one of the three initial attacks shown) and the original War of the Worlds.
  • Volcanic eruption: Volcano
  • Nuclear War: Miracle Mile, at least one of the Terminator films

just to name a few.

So, it can be seen that the destruction of Los Angeles seems to be a prominent inclusion in many disaster films.

Is the reason for the continued cinematic destruction due to the vicinity of Hollywood to Los Angeles or is there another documented reason for this?