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Why is Los Angeles targeted for destruction so often in movies?

One of my favourite types of films are ones where some form of cataclysm occurs (morbid I know). But one thing I have noticed in many films is the destruction of the city of Los Angeles (sometimes by itself and sometimes as a prominent example).

Asides from the obvious Battle Los Angeles, there are:

  • Massive earthquakes, such as in San Andreas, 2012, the earlier Earthquake film
  • Alien attack (asides from the example before), such as in Independence Day and the original War of the Worlds.
  • Volcanic eruption: Volcano
  • Nuclear War: Miracle Mile, at least one of the Terminator films

just to name a few.

So, it can be seen that the destruction of Los Angeles seems to be a prominent inclusion in many disaster films.

Is the reason due to the vicinity of Hollywood to Los Angeles or is there another documented reason for this?