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2007 Movie - Crime/Drama/Mystery - Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, & Robert Downey Jr. A San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac killer.

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What was the meaning of the Bob Vaughn subplot in Zodiac?

In the movie "Zodiac" the cartoonist Robert Graysmith takes on investigation of the Zodiac killer and eventually tracks down Bob Vaughn. During the episode it is revealed that the ...
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How did Bob Vaughn's handwriting match with the handwriting in the Zodiac letters?

The crime thriller film Zodiac left too many unanswered questions for us. One of them is the similarity between the handwriting of Bob Vaughn (who used to work with Rick Marshall, one of the Zodiac ...
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Why do they not question this character to identify Arthur Leigh before?

In the movie Zodiac (2007), from the initial murders, we see that Mike Mageau is shot by the killer but somehow survives in 1969. After this incident several other murders take place and at one point ...
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Mention of "crackers" in Zodiac

In the film Zodiac, detective Dave Toschi is often seen asking for crackers in the car. What is the significance of this?
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Zodiac timeskip references

In Zodiac, there is a 4 year timeskip where several headlines are read. They represent events in American history that (most) Americans probably recognize, with classics playing alongside (Roberta ...
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What does Paul Avery tell the coffee guy after the coffee guy calls him a "drunken reprobate"?

In the movie "Zodiac" from 2007, what does Paul Avery tell the coffee guy at approximately 43:54 into the movie right after the coffee guy calls him a "drunken reprobate"? I've searched multiple ...
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Did anyone understand the ending of "Zodiac"?

I get most of Zodiac but it's the ending I don't get. Anyone that can explain what happened in a way I could understand would be great. At the end (I can't remember their names) the guy who's ...
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Why would they stop investigating on Arthur Leigh Allen?

I saw Zodiac and among all the suspects, Leigh Allen seemed to fit the bill the first time they met him, but they could not match his handwriting so they let him go. I mean it's just handwriting, what ...
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Who is this extra in Zodiac? [closed]

It's the man who played a TV news reporter in Zodiac (2007) approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes (130 minutes) into the movie. It's during family dinner scene after Robert (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his ...
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