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Zero Dark Thirty is a 2012 American historical drama film as the story of history's greatest manhunt for the world's most dangerous man Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda.

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4 votes
1 answer

Why US commandos keep whispering terrorists' names?

In the movie, Zero Dark Thirty US commandos keep whispering terrorists' names while storming Bin Laden's residence. To my surprise, the technique works very well, commandos manage to kill several ...
1 vote
1 answer

What is the meaning of the elevator scene in Zero Dark Thirty?

The CIA Director enters an elevator with someone and asks about Jessica Chastain's character. The assistant claims she is really smart, to which the Director responds with, "We're all smart". What ...
31 votes
4 answers

What does "Zero Dark Thirty" mean?

I'm looking forward to Zero Dark Thirty, and curious to know where the title comes from. Does anyone know?
4 votes
1 answer

Why does Dan feed and play with the monkeys?

In Zero Dark Thirty, the audience observes Dan playfully interacting with monkeys in a cage on the base in Pakistan. He jokes with them and feeds them ice cream. While I think this may be character ...
7 votes
2 answers

Why did Maya know that Osama bin Laden was in the compound?

In Zero Dark Thirty, surveillance of the compound where the courier lives shows that there are two men and three women. The CIA analysts discuss that there must be a third man living there, guessing ...