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1 answer

Why was X-Men Evolution cancelled?

X-Men Evolution was 2000's but still, it ended on season 4 with several nods to future events at the end, such as: Dark Phoenix, Nimrod, Freedom Force, etc. but then 5th season never gets the light ...
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11 votes
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Which powerful mutant is disguised as Principal Kelly in the "X-Men: Evolution" animated series?

The gripping X-Men: Evolution animated series adopts a slightly different perspective on the X-Men as compared to the conventional lore. As discussed in this post, the series tinkered with "the age of ...
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13 votes
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What is the suggested order for the X-Men animated series?

I would like to watch the X-Men animated series from beginning to end to get to know it better. I mean, there are several series out there, but I don't know which one starts it all to begin with. It ...
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