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A 2012 American computer animated comedy movie. The act of the film takes place in the arcade, between characters belonging to various video games. The movie contains a number of references to notable, real life video games.

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What happened to Ralph's game while he was inside the Internet?

In "Ralph Breaks the Internet", the characters are depicted as being a part of an arcade game within an arcade, and during out of hours time they live a secret life behind a power-board where they hop ...
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What are all 3 pedals in Vanellope's car for?

When Vanellope is being taught how to drive Ralph is guessing the functions of the 3 pedals in her car. His guesses were: Right: Accelerator Middle: Brake Left: Useless But when Vanellope is driving ...
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If Venellope decided to remain a glitch, why could she leave the game in "Wreck-It Ralph 2"?

At the end of Wreck-It Ralph, President Venellope decides not to give up her "glitch" powers - she says something along the lines of "Why would I want to give that up?", and demonstrates that she can ...
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Could "Wreck-It Ralph" exist as a movie within the canon of Ralph Breaks the Internet?

Ralph Breaks the Internet gets very meta. Within the movie's own lore, Disney exists, as do the characters from Disney movies and Pixar movies. Moana is featured and recognized as a Disney character,...
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What exactly does it mean "to go turbo"?

In Wreck-It Ralph, "to go turbo" is the worst disapprobation to hear but what exactly does the term mean? I initially assumed that "going turbo" meant leaving your own game and joining as a character ...
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How does Sugar Rush understand outside weapons?

In the movie Wreck-It Ralph, how can the Sugar Rush game understand outside weapons and the way they function if they weren't originally part of the game? For example, in Sugar Rush(a kart racing ...
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Why was there such a large gap between the US and UK release of Wreck-It Ralph?

Wreck-It Ralph had it's World Premier October 29th 2012 and was released in the US a few days later on November 2nd 2012. The UK release of the film was a couple of months later on 8th February - was ...
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Who is the blue elf lady in the Bad Anon meeting?

In Wreck it Ralph, the video game bad guys are having their Bad Anon meeting. I've been able to identify all the bad guys in the meeting, except for the blue elf lady in the red dress. In the picture ...
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