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Reference to Albert Shanker (?) in "Sleeper"

In Sleeper (1973) there appears to be a reference to "Albert Shanker" who is identified as the person who devastates the world by starting World War III apparently by obtaining and ...
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Why are the Oscars unimportant for Woody Allen?

As you know, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences has announced that they will be including a new category called 'Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film' in their award agenda as of ...
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Divorce in New York: Hitchcock vs. Allen

EVE: What happened to the [your] first two marriages? THORNHILL: My wives divorced me. EVE: Why? THORNHILL: I think they said I led too dull a life. -North By Northwest (1959), shot ...
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Woody Allen's weird framing in Everyone Says I Love You

The directing style of Woody in this one baffles me, he constantly cuts faces, shows only certain body parts and more than often there is no emphasis on the person who is speaking in the frame. My ...
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Why do almost all Woody Allen movies contain the same font style?

Why do almost all Woody Allen movies contain the same font style of opening and closing credits? I've watched Blue Jasmine, Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. All 3 movies contain the same ...
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