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When a wish can be interpreted in more than one way, can the Dreamstone decide how to interpret it?

In WW84, Alistair makes such a wish: Then I wish for your greatness Now, I can see two ways to interpret it: Alistair wish for his father to have greatness i.e. "I wish for you to have ...
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Can Wonder Woman fly in DCEU?

I've read this question here, and it was while ago and answer by KutuluMike was only focused on first WW movie and BvS. With the second installment, WW84, She seems to be on air for a while, but uses ...
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How does this artefact work in WW84?

The crystal stone in Wonder Woman 1984 grants wishes, with a twist: Diane gets Steve back, but slowly loses her powers Barbara becomes powerful, losing her "soul" (it is difficult to ...
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Was this predatorial villain original to the movie?

Late in Wonder Woman 84 Diana fights hand-to-hand with an animalistic human who is a main character transformed into the ultimate predator. The villain has fur and claws while remaining humanoid. Was ...
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Why was Steve Trevor not Steve Trevor, and how did he become Steve Trevor?

In the new Wonder Woman 84 (2020), Diana Prince makes a wish to see Steve Trevor, her lost love. In the next scene, a stranger approaches her and says something only Steve Trevor would know. In a ...
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