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U.S. TV-sitcom about a man who is the only one that can see the eponymous dog Wilfred as an actual man in a dog suit.

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Did Ryan really never cry?

In the Wilfred episode "Questions" (S02E11), during Ryan's trip within a trip he learns that the cause for his panic attacks isn't little Joffrey crying but merely Kristen telling him not to cry, ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Why is Wilfred a fan of Matt Damon?

In the US version of Wilfred it is established right at the beginning and a recurring theme that Wilfred is a big fan of Matt Damon, yet I don't think it is ever explained why. Furthermore the 1st ...
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Who is Bruce and does he have a real-world counterpart?

In the episode "Doubt" (S01E11) of Wilfred (the US version) Ryan meets a guy who introduces himself as Bruce and who can see Wilfred the way Ryan does. He tells him that he's been Wilfred's friend ...
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