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Warcraft is a 2016 fantasy movie directed by Duncan Jones about the encounters between humans and orcs. It is based on the Warcraft video game franchise by Blizzard Entertainment.

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Did Duncan Jones intentionally use actors of different ethnic groups in Warcraft movie? [closed]

In the Warcraft movie, there are actors which represent the different races on earth. Such as the elf king (or ambassador), the captain of the guards, etc. Did the director intentionally choose these ...
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What was the reason for the Guardian's change? [duplicate]

In the movie Warcraft, the Guardian is shown as corrupt, but they didn't show when he is corrupted! If he is evil from the beginning, why did he help the humans at the first encounter with orcs, in ...
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Why was Medivh hostile towards Khadgar?

I just watched the Warcraft movie and I'm a bit confused about this scene (Medivh meeting Khadgar in Karazhan for the first time in the movie). Medivh attacks ...
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How was this character poisoned in Warcraft?

In Warcraft, towards the end of movie we observe the Guardian Medivh changing sides and starting to emit green light instead of blue. I might have missed that part or misunderstood but how exactly did ...
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