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13 votes
2 answers

Why did WOPR switch sides?

In War Games, Matt Lightman takes the sides of the USSR in Global Thermonuclear War. That means the WOPR ("War Operation Planned Response" computer) took the side of the USA. However, in NORAD ...
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3 answers

How would the WOPR super computer ("Joshua") in War Games compare with modern computers?

Is there any documentation of the specs (processor speed, memory, etc...) for the WOPR super computer in the 1983 film War Games? I was watching the movie tonight and I was curious as to how "Joshua" ...
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Did the writers intend to suggest Captain Lawson was a pacifist at heart?

Although I have loved this film since first seeing it when it came out on home video, naturally there were many elements of the film that only became clear as I grew older (as I was only five in 1984)....
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