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Vice (2018) is a historical bio-drama about former Vice President Dick Cheney written and directed by Adam McKay and starring Christian Bale as Cheney.

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Why did Dick Cheney say, "The SVTC"?

In Vice (2018), during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Vice President, Dick Cheney, asks Rice: Dick Cheney: Let's make sure those phone lines are working. Rice: Phones are go, sir. Dick ...
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Early credit roll before the end of the film

In the 2018 movie Vice, an "early credits roll" was used for comedic effect about halfway through the film. It was used in conjunction with text overlays with a sarcastic tone to them. I found this ...
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Was the Heart Donor purposely killed?

Dick Cheney was dying in the hospital and the doctor was telling the family that because there is no donor heart available that he will die and his wife said, "He's not going anywhere!" and the movie ...
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What methods were used to make Christian Bale look so much like Dick Cheney in the film "Vice"?

Its pretty well known the lengths that Christian Bale has gone to in the past to play certain roles including both losing and gaining weight. The primary example I can think of being The Machinist (...
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