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Are the methods and tools used by Veronica Mars plausible?

While I was watching the three seasons of Veronica Mars and Veronica Mars (movie) I was surprised by some of the ways she used to investigate people and therefore to close cases. In particular, a ...
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Why did Weevil go back to his previous life?

In Veronica Mars the movie, why did Weevil go back to his previous life of crime? I am referring to one of the last scenes of the movie: Veronica looks out from a window and sees Weevil dressed like ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Has missing information been provided for the time between the Veronica Mars TV series and the movie?

The Veronica Mars TV series ended with unfinished mysteries and unanswered questions. The Veronica Mars movie takes place 10 years after the end of the TV series. During those 10 years, Veronica ...
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Which scene in the film starred the $10k Kickstarter bidder?

According to The Veronica Mars Movie Project, Kickstarter bidder Steven Dengler purchased an on-screen speaking role for $10,000. I watched the film last night (at the LA premiere if anyone has any "...
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