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An American mystery drama series set in the fictional town of Neptune, California, starring Kristen Bell as the titular character. The series ran between September 22, 2004 through to May 22, 2007, for a total of three seasons, and later spawned a movie funded via Kickstarter.

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In S3 of Veronica Mars, Wallace buys previous exam papers & answer keys. Is his subsequent treatment consistent with realistic university policies?

In season 3 of Veronica Mars when Veronica and Wallace go to university, Wallace buys previous exam papers and answer keys. Apparently, this is cheating. In my alma mater, this was being resourceful: ...
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Are Rob Thomas the musician and Rob Thomas the show creator the same person?

When I first saw that the shows Veronica Mars and iZombie were created by someone named Rob Thomas I first thought it was someone who coincidentally shared the name as the singer, but having seen Rob ...
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Why did Keith Mars refer to Veronica as Felicia?

In S04E01 "Spring Break Forever" of Veronica Mars, while Keith & Veronica are having their usual father-daughter banter, he call her out as "Bye Felicia". VERONICA: I'm gonna ...
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Why are children laughing heard at the very end of Veronica Mars Season 2 Episode 17?

At the very end of this episode (Wiki: Plan B), Weevil is in a confessional, and as the episode closes, children who weren't shown nor were part of the scene setting are heard laughing. Why? What's ...
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Are the methods and tools used by Veronica Mars plausible?

While I was watching the three seasons of Veronica Mars and Veronica Mars (movie) I was surprised by some of the ways she used to investigate people and therefore to close cases. In particular, a ...
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What does the incorporation of Neptune imply?

In the second season of Veronica Mars the topic of incorporation of Neptune comes up. I am not from the US so this concept is alien to me. Can someone explain what this means in this context?
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Why did Veronica Mars series end in the 3rd season?

Why did Veronica Mars series end in the 3rd season? I found the plot of the whole series really nice and interesting. I'm gonna see the movie in the next few days but it seems unfair to end like this.....
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Has missing information been provided for the time between the Veronica Mars TV series and the movie?

The Veronica Mars TV series ended with unfinished mysteries and unanswered questions. The Veronica Mars movie takes place 10 years after the end of the TV series. During those 10 years, Veronica ...
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Which scene in the film starred the $10k Kickstarter bidder?

According to The Veronica Mars Movie Project, Kickstarter bidder Steven Dengler purchased an on-screen speaking role for $10,000. I watched the film last night (at the LA premiere if anyone has any "...
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What is the deal with Veronica Mars's mother?

I have seen season 1 of Veronica Mars. In the middle of the season, Veronica finds her mom & makes her move closer to town into rehab. Then in the pre season finale(S01E21), Kieth Mars, her dad ...
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How much of the video compilation made for Lilly's memorial was actually Amanda Seyfried?

In S1E4 ("Wrath of Con") of Veronica Mars, a memorial fountain is dedicated to Lilly Kane. Logan, her ex-boyfriend, is assigned the task of creating a video montage as a tribute to be viewed during ...
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