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What's the meaning behind the nickname that "the board" has for David?

In Vanilla Sky, Thomas Tipp tells David that the board (a.k.a, the seven dwarfs) has a nickname for David -- "Citizen Dildo". I've seen this film many times and the only curiosity I'm always left ...
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Did Sofia truly like Cruise's character in Vanilla Sky?

Just saw Vanilla Sky and am a bit lost. Was Sofia showing up at Cruise's character's funeral crying real or part of the Lucid Dream? Did Sofia really love him or was it just the dream?
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What happens after David opens his eyes?

In the movie Vanilla Sky, David is cryopreservation/frozen after his death by Life Extension and he's seen to have lucid dreams. In the end when the tech support asks him if he wants to be put back on ...
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Did Brian actually tell Julie that she was a F*** buddy?

In the film Vanilla Sky, how did Julie come to know that she was called F*** buddy? First, Brian and David talk about this alone in David's car. At that time Julie was not there. Then Julie asks ...
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How did David come back to life for choosing dreams?

In Vanilla Sky David commits suicide because he is suffering constant pain and depression following his disfigurement. So In the end David chooses to be awakened in this future. So my question is: How ...
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