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How can Adelaide talk?

In Us (2019), at the end of the movie we came to know that Adelaide was the clone for Red. Clones only shout throughout the film but Adelaide can talk like a human, how is that possible?
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What exactly is hanging to the left in this scene?

In Us (2019), Abraham drags an unconscious Gabe all the way to the family's boat and then places him inside a bag. Gabe eventually wakes up and successfully throws Abraham overboard. Later on, however,...
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Why did Adelaide think that Tethered didn’t know that they looked alike?

In Us (2019), Gabe and his family are watching news which shows evil doppleganger attacking people with scissors: Gabe: And they look like us. Adelaide: They don't even know that yet. Why did ...
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Is evil Missy ("Big Mouth") a reference to "Us" (2019)?

In Season 2, Episode 2 of Big Mouth ("What Is It About Boobs?"), an evil version of Missy comes out of the mirror: Is this a reference to the movie Us (2019)? Later in this Big Mouth season there is ...
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Why the color Red in Us, what is the significance?

In the movie Us, why are all the Tethered dressed in red color overalls? Is there any significance to their dress code and color?
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What is the relevance of "Hands Across America" in Us? [duplicate]

What is the significance of Hands Across America in the movie Us? Why do the tethered go form that long line? (The actual event happened in the 80s and was a charity thing) Is there some something ...
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What was the backstory of the doubles in the film "Us"?

In the film Us (2019) the world is attacked by a bunch of clones(?) who all attack their counterparts. Later in the film we see some tunnels that look like an old set of science labs, where the ...
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Why did the Tethered form a line in Us?

In Jordan Peele's Us we see that the Tethered plan a revolt, rise above ground and start murdering everyone in sight and then they form a line by holding hand in hand. What was the purpose of that?
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How are the tethered able to plan a revolt in Us?

In Us, Red says that the Untethering took years to plan, and there are clips of the tethered training for it, gathering scissors, etc. How were the tethered able to stop doing what their above-ground ...
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Were the survivors the originals or their tethered counterparts?

Ok, so while it is clearly explained in Jordan Peele's Us (2019) that Adelaide got switched with her tethered counterpart as a child, what about her children? Were they weird just because they were ...
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