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What was the location of Andreas Tanis exile?

In Underworld Evolution, Selene and Michael travel to seek out Andreas Tanis, who is living in exile. According to the Underworld wiki, Tanis is spending his exile in a monastery described as a "...
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Why did Viktor wait so long to kill Selene's family?

In the Underworld series, Viktor commissions a Master stonemason and Metalsmith to design, excavate and build a dungeon underneath Viktor's fortress. Unbeknownst to the stonemason, this would later ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Why does the Underworld film series avoid female Lycans?

In the Underworld film series we see so many Lycans and Vampires, but not a single female Lycan. We even got to know about rare pure blood vampires born from mating vampires. So why can't Lycans ...
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Why is Marcus Corvinus's hybrid nature different from Michael Corvin?

In the Underworld series both Marcus Corvinus and Michael Corvin belong to Alexander Corvinus's bloodline and both later become Vampire/Lycan hybrids. Why does Marcus Corvinus's hybrid nature have ...
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