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In movie Tumbbad why does Sadashiv open his eye after falling

When Sadashiv falls he briefly opens his eyes as if he was doing a prank. Even the music elevates a little when he does so. At first I thought this scene has some supernatural involved. But then ends ...
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What is the "protection circle" in Tumbbad made of?

I have understood that Vinayak Rao feeds dolls made of flour to Hastar. I haven't understood what is the substance that he used to make the protection circle. Surely, both the substance used to make ...
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Why didn't they let the Hastars fight it out and "kill" each other?

Towards the end of Tumbbad (2018), Vinayak Rao ties multiple dough dolls to himself so as to lure the Hastars, so that Pandurang can get out of the Womb safely. It is also shown that initially the ...
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The climax of Tumbbad

In the climax scene of the acclaimed movie Tumbbad (2018): Vinayak Rao and his son Pandurang carry multiple dough dolls so that they can snatch Hastar's coin pouch. They see multiple embodiments of ...
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If Hastar only wants food, then why can't he trade it for gold which he has unlimited?

In the movie Tumbbad Hastar attacks anyone who takes his gold, but he needs food. So why does he attack whoever offers him food? Why can't he be a good man and offer gold and try not to kill the ...
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Why did the grandmother in Tumbbad need to be fed everyday?

In the Indian Hindi-language horror film Tumbbad(2018), the cursed grandmother who is chained and locked in a room needs to be fed everyday in order to keep her sleeping. But if she is not fed on time,...
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Is Tumbbad based on an existing story?

In the recently released movie Tumbbad they tell us about a demon god and the treasure he possesses. Is Tumbbad based on an established myth? Does the demon king Hasthar and his treasure exist in any ...
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