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2 answers

Why did Achilles cry over Hector's body?

I would like to know why Achilles cried over Hector's dead body and said "brother, we'll meet again soon" in the movie Troy (2004)? Hector is an enemy and Achilles is the one who killed him! Achilles ...
5 votes
2 answers

Short soundbite (4-tone-pattern) from "Troy" (2004) used anywhere else?

The movie "Troy" from 2004 uses a 4-tone-soundbite quite a lot. It is at the beginning of this: as well on the 1:12 mark: timestamped link to youtube I could SWEAR I ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why are spikes used in the movie Troy?

I recently happened to watch the movie Troy and I noticed something peculiar. When the Trojans learnt of the Greek army sailing to Troy, they set about preparing for a battle. And one of the first ...