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Something recurring across a genre or type of literature, such as the ‘mad scientist’ of horror movies or ‘once upon a time’ as an introduction to fairy tales. Similar to archetype and cliché but not necessarily pejorative.

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What was the first movie to show a crazy person's wall covered with photos & articles connected by colored yarn?

In movies such as A Beautiful Mind, a crazy / obsessed person will cover a wall with photographs and news articles, and connect them with colored yarn. (This is called link analysis). We've all seen ...
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Which movie first did the chase sequence/pane of glass gag?

There's a common gag/cliche/trope/whatever in chase sequences in movies/tv/cartoons where two people are carrying a window/mirror/pane of glass across a road that gets smashed during the chase. In ...
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What is magenta shadow in anime and what does it mean?

This question has haunted me for a long time! I was trying to search for anything I could find, but I have not found the answer. In anime, there are moments where the "camera" gets a weird ...
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Which was the first movie to conceal objects in a book?

Concealing objects in book is a popular trope among crime thriller and mystery genre. To mention a few: Neo hides cash and disks in a book in The Matrix Andy hides hammer in bible.The Shawshank ...
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Blowing up the bad guys on their turf in a selfless act

In these three relatively recent movies: Pacific Rim, Independence Day and The Avengers, What is the origin of wrapping up a major conflict (typically a war) with a self-sacrifice to deliver a final ...
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Does this device used to create suspense have a name?

Sometimes films will create suspense by having the audience along with character not know whether or not another character knows a secret. And if the character does actually know the secret, it would ...
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What was the first movie to have someone with a screen, guiding an agent on the field?

The whole "agent on the ground talking to a person back in the office who has the map and control of things" is a bit of a trope these days. I just looked at Max Headroom again today and remembered ...
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Brits addressing police as 'Detective <surname>' - is there a name for this (trope)?

I first noticed this decades ago in the BBC series Silent Witness, and since then repeatedly, and most recently in The Devil's Hour (Amazon). British characters involved in a police investigation, ...
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Addressing characters by [LastName-FirstName-LastName]

There is a trope in American visual media (movies, television) in which a main character meets aliens or indigenous peoples unfamiliar with the name conventions of the character's culture. Very ...
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Is there a trope for cowboys who laugh after punching something?

In Overwatch and Mortal Kombat X, there are two characters, one is Mcree, and the other is Erron Black. Both are themed and designed to be your stereotypical cowboy. However, I have been looking for ...
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Did "When Harry Met Sally" popularise the cliché of a romcom ending with one of the leads listing the other's foibles to show their love?

As the title suggests, I was recently watching a romcom which ended in the now clichéd fashion of the two estranged leads reconciling when one of them lists a series of the other's idiosyncrasies to ...
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Trope name for anti-hero's henchmen doing bad things while anti-hero does something good?

I see this everywhere. Basically, the anti-hero will be doing something good/trivial/civilized, while the scene repeatedly cuts to his henchmen running around doing bad things. A famous example of ...
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First color movie to use flickering and slamming door trope?

Horror movies often show flickering of lights and slamming doors to signify presence of supernatural, ghosts and etc. Which was the first color movie to use this trope?
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