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Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film released by Walt Disney Pictures. Its a sequel to the 1982 science fiction film Tron,

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What is the effect used in Tron Legacy to give voices a "digital" sound?

In Tron Legacy several voices have some kind of effect applied that makes them sound "digital". For example, the voice over at the start of this video. It's ...
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What are the references to the original Tron in Legacy?

In Tron:Legacy (2010), there are a few Easter egg/references to the original Tron (1982). A couple that I can think of off the top of my head are: Sam saying "Now that's a big door!" when breaking ...
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End of Tron Legacy

At the end of Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn and Quorra escape with his father's ID disk. Why are they so reluctant to leave Kevin Flynn behind when it is clear that Sam could simply get out, leave Quorra ...
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How does Quorra "escape"?

At the end of TRON: Legacy Sam Flynn and Quorra escape into the real world, but I'm wondering how the rematerialization process works on Quorra? Digital or human? Sam bleeds, which prompts Rinzler ...
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Where did Tron Legacy take place?

In the movie Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn finds his fathers computer still running in the old arcade. After typing on the keyboard he triggers the digitizer and is transported to the grid. Where is the ...
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Why Doesn't CLU Visit Flynn Earlier?

In Tron : Legacy, When Quorra initially rescues Sam she tells him that Rinzler and co. can't follow them off the grid. But then when Quorra and the Fylnns go back into grid city, CLU and his cronies ...
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