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Questions tagged [triangle]

For questions relating to Triangle a 2009 British-Australian psychological horror thriller film written and directed by Christopher Smith [Note: Not to be used for "The Triangle" a 2005 TV Miniseries]

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Is the time loop on the cruise ship a second timeline in Triangle?

In Triangle, at the start when Jess arrives at the boat for the "first" time, is this the start of the continuation of the ending scene? It's known that the cruise ship and any surroundings after ...
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How come the ship in Triangle is empty?

This question (and its corresponding answers) do a good job of explaining how the time loop influences the story, but there's one thing I still don't understand - how did the ship in the middle of the ...
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Why doesn't it show many Taxi Drivers waiting at the harbour?

In the movie Triangle, since the same thing happens again and again, bodies of Sally, many written copies, bodies of crashed sea gulls are found in the same place. In the climax, the taxi driver is ...
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Why did Jess write "Go to theater" again?

I kind of got a theory going about the rest of the stuff in Triangle, but this really escapes me. Why did Jess have to write on the mirror again? Did someone wipe off the previous message? Who? Why? ...
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Why did she throw this tap valve?

In Triangle, Jess throw this tap valve. Why did she throw this tap valve?
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Explanation regarding Triangle's plot [duplicate]

Why should Jess be a victim of time loop in Triangle? Who is the driver at the start of the loop and what is his significance with respect to Jess?
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How did the first loop begin in Triangle?

How did the first loop begin in Triangle? One Jess is killed in the car crash. Why doesn't she move forward to the loop?
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Why does Jess continue to go on voyages with her friends?

From Jess's previous experience, she already knows that she is stuck in a time loop. In the film Triangle (2009), the last scene shows that Jess is at the yacht dock, and it seems like she is going on ...
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