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Trainspotting is a 1996 British black comedy film directed by Danny Boyle based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh.

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Why does Renton steal the money from his group of friends and how come he started to think this way?

Trainspotting is a classic film and I rewatched it recently but I didn't really watch the end properly and got confused as to why Renton steals the money from his group of friends. I can understand ...
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Why was the name Lesley changed to Allison in the Trainspotting movie?

In Trainspotting the movie, the mother of the baby who dies is Allison, while in the book she is called Lesley. There are a few instances of scenes from the book which are adapted for different ...
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How much time passes during Trainspotting?

In the film version of "Trainspotting" how much time elapses from the beginning of the film, the 5-a-side match, and Renton walking away into the distance? I don't know if the book itself follows a ...
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Why did each character get £4000 during the deal if Mark put in £2000 upfront?

In Trainspotting, why did each character get £4,000 during the deal if Mark put in £2,000 upfront? From the £16,000 they got surely they wouldn't each get £4k if Mark contributed £2k to buy the gear ...
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What was the cause of death for the baby in Trainspotting?

Perhaps the most disturbing scene in Trainspotting is when Allison and her friends find Allison's baby dead in its crib. What was the cause of death for the baby? It seems clear that Allison had ...
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How did Begbie track Rents?

In the movie Trainspotting when Mark "Rent Boy" Renton reads Diane's letter and Begbie arrives at his room, how did Begbie come to know where Rent was living?
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What is the meaning of the title Trainspotting?

I want to ask about the title of the famous 1996 movie Trainspotting. What is the meaning of it and how does it fit in the context of story?
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What's the origin of "Choose life" phrase?

The question can sound banal because everyone would say "Trainspotting", but I am just watching a late-soviet movie from 1987 called "Burglar" and I noticed a man in the crowd with a t-shirt with ...
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Why was Renton wet after the dream sequence?

When Renton went into a dream sequence where he dived into a toilet to get his pill, why was he sopping wet when he went back to his flat afterwards? Was he still in a dream, is the rest of the film ...
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