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Pixar film franchise about a group of sentient toys whose main purpose is to find ways to bring joy and comfort to their owners.

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Why was the 4K release of "Toy Story" upscaled instead of re-rendered?

According to this article, the 4K release of Toy Story has been upscaled from the original resolution it has been rendered at. They also cropped the video instead of letter-boxing it. If it were shot ...
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How does Woody not recall from before Andy?

In Toy Story 4, Woody makes the remark to Gabby that he was manufactured in the 50s at his best guess. If this is the case, he’s MUCH older than Andy. Thus there’s no way Andy and Bonnie were his ...
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Does Buford wear a Punisher shirt?

I noticed that Buford Van Stomm from Phineas and Ferb wears a black tee shirt with short sleeves, and an approximation of a skull on the front Is there any correlation with the skull image that ...
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The Hockey Puck and Combat Carl in Toy Story

Was the Hockey Puck in the first Toy Story movie only put in as a gag or only for Mr. Potato Head to say "What are you looking at, you hockey puck?" as we don't see it anymore after that. Also, why is ...
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45 votes
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Why do the toys blink alternately?

This happens quite often in the first Toy Story film, not so much in the second (and haven't seen the third yet) where the toys blink one eye after the other instead of at the same time. Is there ...
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Is Toy Story inspired by The Velveteen Rabbit?

I couldn't help but notice a lot in common between the Toy Story movies, and The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. In specific, the following elements are both major parts of the story: They ...
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Why wasn't Sid surprised when he pulled a cowboy out of the claw machine?

In Toy Story, Sid Phillips pulls Woody and Buzz out of the claw machine. I am wondering why Sid wouldn't find it suspicious to pull a cowboy out of a machine directed specifically for outer space toys....
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Why do toys in Toy Story absolutely want to avoid interacting with humans?

Why do toys in Toy Story absolutely want to avoid interacting with humans? Why not interacting with them like they interact with the dog for example?
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How could Buzz come to know about Al's Toy Barn?

After the chicken man stole Woody from Andy's house, Buzz somehow discovered he was taken to the Al's Toy Barn from the numberplate of the car. I could not understand that part. How could he discover ...
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Why is Buzz the only toy that does not believe he is a toy?

In Toy Story, Why is Buzz the only toy that does not believe he is a toy? Is this a stage of being a toy or does Buzz have some sort of neurological dysfunction?
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Why doesn't Andy have a dad in Toy Story?

Despite the diversity of characters filling out the cast in Toy Story, Andy's dad wasn't created. It can't be especially difficult for the filmmakers to create a dad character because they've created ...
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Why does Buzz Lightyear act like a toy around people in Toy Story?

Early in the first Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear believes he truly is a Space Ranger. His struggle to accept that he is not actually Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger is a key part of the first movie in the ...
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How old is Andy in Toy Story 2?

We know how old Andy is in Toy Story because he goes to Pizza Planet to celebrate his eighth birthday. In Toy Story 3, Andy is said to be seventeen and heading off to college. In Toy Story 2, we see ...
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