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A science fiction film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, based on the short story of Philip K. Dick ("We Can Remember It for You Wholesale"), involving a character who realizes the memories of his life experiences are merely implantations.

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Is it fair to say Cohagen's rebel problems were his own doing?

Near the end of the 1990 film Total Recall, after Quato's Martian rebellion is found and wiped out (except for Melina), Quaid is brought to Cohagen who explains why he went to the trouble of creating ...
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Why did Benny question Quaid's decision to go to the Last Resort?

Just before Quaid enters the brothel Last Resort, Benny tries to talk him out of it by mentioning another place where "the girls are cleaner, the liquor ain't watered down". However later on ...
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7 votes
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How was the three-breast effect done for the prostitute?

In the first Total Recall movie, the main cast visits a bar, and one of the patrons was a woman that had three breasts (instead of the usual two for non-injured adult human women). Did the actress (...
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Is the dream ambiguity in Total Recall broken in the machine failure scene?

The movie Total Recall (1990) plays with the possibility that everything in the movie is just a dream, suggesting, in the end, that it probably is. But in the beginning, when the machine seems to ...
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Why is quarrying stone done by hand?

In Total Recall (1990), Seeing as they have technology to terraform planets, travel through the solar system, implant memories, and have real-time body imagers, why is stone still quarried using jack ...
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Was Quaid's dream planted?

It occurred to me several days ago that in the 1990 version of Total Recall, that if you take the events of the film as "true" (not as Quaid's virtual vacation or mental deterioration), then the dream ...
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Who were the choices for the leading role in Total Recall (1990)?

The wiki article for Total Recall (1990) states that Patrick Swayze was originally attached to the film. I could swear that somewhere I heard a few other names were originally planned for the lead ...
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Total Recall (1990) nail color change effect

In the first Total Recall, there's an unimportant shot where the receptioninst at Recall is changing the color of her nails. She taps one with a stylus, and it "wipes" to a different color. (I can't ...
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4 scenes from Total Recall: original vs. remake

I would like to know if the 2012 Total Recall remake captures some of the most significant and memorable scenes and effects from the 1990 original. The particular ones I'm interested in are: The ...
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How did Quaid know who to shoot when someone pretended to be trying to "wake him up"?

In the Mars version of Total Recall, it was a doctor. In the 2012 version, his friend, Harry. How did he know to not take the pill / shoot his friend rather than Melina?
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How does Cohagen track Quaid after the bug is removed?

After watching both Total Recall versions back to back I was struck by a very similar anomaly. In both movies Quaid starts out bugged so Cohagen's people can track him (in the Arnold version he pulls ...
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What purpose did Quaid serve Cohagen as an Average Joe on the assembly line?

Both the 2012 and 1990 versions of Total Recall rely on the same back story for the main character, Quaid: Quaid was working for Cohagen Quaid agreed to be brainwashed to think he switched to the ...
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Why was plot of Mars replaced in Total Recall (2012)?

Total Recall (2012) and Total Recall (1990) both are loosely based on the Philip K. Dick short-story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. But Mars is the major part of the original story as well as ...
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