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Why using planes instead of drones or other unmanned devices?

In Top Gun: Maverick (2022), the plan is to use two fighter jets to breach and destroy a bunker. The US forces know exactly the shape of the canyon that leads to the bunker, yet instead of sending ...
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How can the canyon at the flight training base exactly match the target one?

In Top Gun: Maverick (2022), the pilots are training to match the terrain they will get at the place where the plant is located. The path they must take closely follows the canyon they need to fly ...
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Why wouldn't the bandit get out of the valley in Top Gun Maverick?

In Top Gun Maverick, Maverick gets low with the stolen F-15 in order to "confuse the enemy's targeting system". At some point, Mav performs a cobra maneuver and gets himself at the back of ...
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Which scenes of Top Gun: Maverick included actual aerial footage and which are VFX?

Questions I am looking to learn which scenes (starting from when through when) included footage of airplane physics that were not actually shot, but done in VFX including CGI. Even more so, I am ...
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Huge continuity error in Top Gun Maverick?

In the very opening scene in Top Gun Maverick, Maverick rides his Motorcycle to the Air Force base where the mach 10 airplane is being held. When he does this, the sun is high in the sky and a few ...
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Is the app Maverick used to chat with Iceman in "Top Gun: Maverick" real?

In Top Gun: Maverick there are a couple of scenes where Maverick uses a smartphone instant messaging app to chat with Iceman. Is that a real smartphone app or was it just made for the movie? The only ...
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Why didn't Maverick's plane's targeting system get confused by the terrain?

When the 5th generation fighter pursues Maverick's F14, its targeting system gets confused by the terrain, so it couldn't get a missile lock. After Maverick performs his cobra maneuver and gets behind ...
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Why didn't they hit this target in Top Gun Maverick?

In Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun: Maverick(2022), the plan is something like this. Get jets in the air. Launch Tomahawk missiles on enemy airstrip. Jets enter enemy territory Jets navigate through ...
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Why this attack formation for the mission?

For the final mission, Maverick strategizes that the mission be flown with 2 pairs of F-18s. One aircraft in each pair is a single seater and the other a twin seater. What's the reason for selecting ...
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How realistic is Maverick's career progression in "Top Gun: Maverick"?

Maverick's military rank is a recurring theme during the movie. Was this supposed to be satirical/funny or is it telling us something about the character? How realistic is it even?
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How realistic for jet fighter pilots to communicate via gestures instead of wireless comms?

In the movie Top Gun: Maverick (2022), Maverick and Rooster are intercepted by two enemy fighters one of whom communicates with Maverick and Rooster using gestures, trying to identify friends from ...
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Are Top Gun 2 dogfights & airplane maneuvers real?

In the 2nd trailer of Top Gun 2, a plethora of swift airplane maneuvers and at least one dogfight take place. Are those scenes real, captured by a chase airplane? Or they're just simulation (Computer ...
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