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What was governor Nix's motive to keep the Monitor on?

What was governor Nix's motive to keep the Monitor on in Tomorrowland? I know he said: Shutting it down is impossible. There is no off. But at least he could blow it up, just like what Frank did. ...
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Why was this character banished from Tomorrowland?

What was the exact reason Frank was banished from Tomorrowland?
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Who actually lives in Tomorrowland?

This is going to be pretty much all spoilers, but here we go. The premise of Tomorrowland is that some of the world's brightest minds have found another dimension, and intend to use it as an ...
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How/why did Tomorrowland depopulate?

In the 1960s, Tomorrowland was an objectivist utopia. When next visited (by the audience) in the modern day, it seems depopulated except for the governor (Hugh Laurie) and some guards. What happened? ...
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