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Who is Rittenhouse in the TV Show “Timeless?”

I just finished watch Timeless (2016-18) and my question is who is Rittenhouse? I am deaf and watch with closed captioned but the problem is they change too much. So who is actually Rittenhouse?
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Why did Emma remember Jessica while others did not?

In The Miracle of Christmas, the two-part finale of Timeless, Emma Whitmore asks for Jessica, but the other person in Rittenhouse doesn’t remember her. Because of that, Emma realizes that history was ...
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What is the state of Rittenhouse following the finale?

In the two-part finale of Timeless named “The Miracle of Christmas”, Emma Whitmore is killed. What is the state of Rittenhouse following that? Benjamin Cahill presumably returned to custody after ...
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Why do the crew in Timeless worry about tracking quickly and recharge times etc?

Other than to make the action move along, I can't remember there being an in-show/canon explanation for something they seem to say (a variation of) every episode of Timeless: The mothership has ...
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How come the present is not changed for the lab team?

In Timeless, the three main characters, are sent back in time, trying to fix history as 'They know it in their present' Taking the first episodes (only 4 aired for now - 2016.oct.27), it seems that ...
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