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A concept frequently used as a plot device involving the manipulation of events by characters traveling through time.

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How did the Justice League return back to the current time after World War 2?

In Justice League (the animated series which ran from 2001 to 2004) season 1 finale the "The Savage Time", Justice League members use a time machine built by Vandal Savage to return to World ...
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How did the first loop begin in Triangle?

How did the first loop begin in Triangle? One Jess is killed in the car crash. Why doesn't she move forward to the loop?
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Why does Jess continue to go on voyages with her friends?

From Jess's previous experience, she already knows that she is stuck in a time loop. In the film Triangle (2009), the last scene shows that Jess is at the yacht dock, and it seems like she is going on ...
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