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A concept frequently used as a plot device involving the manipulation of events by characters traveling through time.

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What does the woman from the future mean when she says she's "in insurance"?

At the end of 12 Monkeys, the doctor spreading the virus gets on a plane and sits next to a woman we know (or can assume) is from the future. She tells the doctor that she's "in insurance." What does ...
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How is Cooper's age justified?

In Interstellar the course of events to my knowledge is the following: The time taken to travel from Earth to the wormhole is 2yrs (Aggregate = 2). After that we don't know how much time passed on ...
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In Back to the Future Part II, how could old Biff have made it back to 2015?

In Back to the Future Part II, Doc picks up Marty in 1985 and takes him to 2015. Then old Biff realizes the Delorean is a time machine. Old Biff steals the Delorean and travels from 2015 to 1955 to ...
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Is the time loop on the cruise ship a second timeline in Triangle?

In Triangle, at the start when Jess arrives at the boat for the "first" time, is this the start of the continuation of the ending scene? It's known that the cruise ship and any surroundings after ...
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Crossing your own timeline, changing the future - how does that work?

There are many movies and TV episodes in which a character "crosses his own timeline", sometimes even meeting his past or future self (e.g. The Day of the Doctor). Technically, I should say meeting ...
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What caused and ended the time loop in Groundhog Day?

I've always wondered what caused the Time Loop experienced by Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, as well as what ended it, but I don't recall it being discussed in the movie. What was the cause for the ...
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Why don't Marty's parents ever mention how similar he looks to the Marty of 1955?

Although Marty is only in 1955 for one week, he plays a pivotal role in getting his parents together. He even briefly dates his mother. So, considering he plays such a pivotal role, does it make sense ...
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Why does Harry only make use of time travel in The Prisoner of Azkaban?

At the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and Hermione travel back in time to save Sirius (and as it turns out, Buckbeak) and escape the Dementors. If this is a legitimate option for saving people,...
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How come the events of Terminator didn't change the future, but the events of Terminator 2 did?

The 1984 events in the original Terminator don't change the future - rather, the events are consistent with a single "version" of 2029, the 2029 seen in the film. This is evidenced by the fact that ...
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Are there any guides to the timeline of Donnie Darko?

I have the basic understanding that the entire plot to Donnie Darko revolves around time traveling. As far as the ending is conceded, you may have various interpretations of what actually happened. ...
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In "The Time Traveler's Wife" why does Henry never meet himself?

There are several occasions in the Time Travellers Wife where Henry arrives at the same point as he's already been, such as when he sees himself die and when Alba is conceived. Why does he never meet ...
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What happened to change Joe's timeline?

As far as I can remember, we see a total of three Joes in the movie. Joe A kills himself, then 30 years later gets sent back and is killed by Joe B, a closed loop. Joe B, however, changes from the ...
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What if the coordinates of NASA were not sent?

I haven't seen this answered yet so here goes...In Interstellar, what if Cooper never sent the coordinates to himself? When he's in the tesseract, he surely remembers receiving the coordinates of NASA....
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Why didn't young Barry disappear?

In The Flash S01E15 episode "Fallout" we saw Barry see himself while running. At the end of the episode we saw that Barry accidentally makes a time jump and goes back in time. It becomes clear that it ...
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