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Is Alice Kingsleigh not able to return for a Wonderland visit ever again?

Time: [Alice has given Time her father's fob watch] It is said that time is no man's friend, but I will remember you. Please don't come back. Is Time actually being sarcastic to remind Alice not to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why didn't Time use the glass to chase Alice in "Alice through the looking glass"

In the movie, Alice through the looking glass, when Alice was running from Time in the past, she uses glass to run away; So why didn't Time use the same to catch her? Could only Alice use the mirror ...
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3 answers

Does the Red Queen's face intentionally evoke Mickey Mouse?

When watching Alice Through The Looking Glass the thought came to my mind that the Red Queen's hair is shaped like Mickey Mouse's ears. There is even this spike at the middle, with a large forehead. ...
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Are those "Through the Looking Glass" movie background quotes anyhow related to Lewis Carroll?

In the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass in mental institution scene (around 1:10:10) there are two quotes at the back wall. These two quotes fit greatly to the scene and bridge the underline ...
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Why does "Time" speak with a German accent?

In Alice Through the Looking Glass the character Time (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) speaks with a German accent (as can be heard in this video clip). Actually I'm guessing it's supposed to be a ...
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