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Was "Super Bowl Sunday" planned all along

"This Is Us" aired a special episode after Super Bowl LII. The title of the episode was "Super Bowl Sunday", and it dealt with a pivotal event occurring on the night after the Super Bowl 20 years ago, ...
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Why did Olivia's family celebrate Thanksgiving?

In episode 8 of "This is Us", "Pilgrim Rick", Olivia opens up to Kevin and tells him: However, Olivia has a very strong English accent, which implies that she grew up in an environment where English ...
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How does cutting into a cake tell it's a boy when blue candies come out?

In "This is us", when they cut into the cake in Season 3, Episode 10, "The Last Seven Weeks", Toby and Kate saw blue candies spill out of the cut cake. They then concluded the sex of the unborn baby ...
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Why did the producers of "This Is Us" use Sylvester Stallone as the "special" star?

One of the main themes of the TV series This Is Us is showing how even many years after the accident, the three siblings still have problems dealing with the loss of their father. In the second season,...
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Are the voices of the younger versions of the triplets dubbed by the older actors in This is Us?

This is Us jumps backwards and forwards through the lives of three siblings, their parents and family. The teen versions of the triplets in particular sound a lot like the adult versions. Is there any ...
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What's the deal with Rebecca in the Cabin, in S1E9 of This is Us?

In Series 1 Episode 9 of "This is Us" - "The Trip" - Randall finds out that Later on in the episode, after Randall accidentally takes hallucinogens, he has a vision of I was hoping this episode ...
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