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There Will Be Blood is a film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, released in 2007.

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Why does Daniel pick Eli to hate most?

Daniel Plainview seems to have only one real drive; the greed and ambition to grow. As he says, he sees the worst in people, and wants to be away from them. He goes on elaborate lengths to be ...
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Why is there so much ominous music in There Will Be Blood?

I see there are many questions about this movie. Forgive me if this one has already been answered, I tried looking through the other questions. Why is there so much ominous music in There Will Be ...
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Was a scene cut from "There Will Be Blood", where the adopted son explains oil business?

I distinctly remember a charming scene in which H. W., dressed in his suit, explains the business of drilling very articulately to a little girl (perhaps the girl who grows up to be his wife). This ...
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Do we ever get a clue as to the initials H.W. or was this his given name by his biological father?

In There Will Be Blood, do we ever find out (explicitly, or implicitly) the meaning of the initials H.W. (as in Daniel's son, H.W. Plainview)? Are there any allusions to the meaning or origin of ...
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What is the meaning of the last scene in the movie There Will Be Blood?

I just don't get the ending of the movie There Will Be Blood. What is the meaning of the last scene in the bowling alley?
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What is meant by "There Will Be Blood"? [duplicate]

Finally got around to watching There Will Be Blood (2007) last night, and I'm somewhat confused by the title. I've got some possible references, and I'm not really sure if any of them are viable: A ...
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There Will Be Blood title significance

I just saw the movie There Will Be Blood (2007). When I had first seen the title of the movie I had assumed the movie to be a violent one with a lot of killing and hatred. But the story is completely ...
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What did Daniel Plainview whisper?

Was it ever revealed (in an interview, script draft, etc.) what Daniel whispered to Eli in the church after the baptism in There Will Be Blood? It certainly looked like Eli was not pleased with ...
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In the "False Prophet" scene, what is Daniel Plainview eating?

What is Daniel Plainview eating in the last scene of There Will Be Blood as he is forcing Eli to recite "I am a false prophet, God is a superstition!" before killing him?
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In There Will Be Blood, why did HW go mute and try to burn down the shed?

Firstly, why did going deaf also remove HW's ability to speak? Not speak correctly or even coherently, but use his vocal cords at all? Secondly, what was his purpose for trying to burn down the shack,...
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In, "There Will Be Blood", what was the motivation to kill

In the 2007 movie There Will Be Blood, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, the main character -- Daniel Plainview -- puts a bullet into his "brother's" head when he discovers that the man isn't really his ...
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