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Questions tagged [the-wolf-of-wall-street]

A 2013 American biographical crime movie, directed by Martin Scorsese, where Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Di Caprio) lives the hight life as a Wall Street broker.

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Why would investing in rising stock not give profit?

In The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Jordan says to his employees: First we pitch 'em Disney, AT&T, IBM, blue chip stocks exclusively. Companies these people know. Once we've suckered them in, we ...
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Why are Stratton Oakmont employees making fun of Steve Madden?

In The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Steve Madden came to put shares of his shoe company to institutional investors through Jordan's stockbroker company called Stratton Oakmont. Actually Steve Madden is ...
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If Mark tells them not to dial at 9:30, why are they dialing at 9:30?

In The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), standing, Mark Hanna shouts in the middle of the office: Mark Hanna: We don't start dialing at 9:30 because our clients are already answering the phone. Three. Two. ...
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Why the Pillarbox effect used in this scene?

In the scene of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), where Real Jordan Belfort welcomes reel actor Jordan Belfort onto the stage. Pillarbox effect is used. It comes to normal aspect ratio when he asks ...
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What was Stratton Oakmont doing that was actually illegal?

In the 2013 film, The Wolf of Wall Street, the audience gets the notion that not everything that Stratton Oakmont is doing is on the up-and-up. Jordan Belfort even breaks the 4th wall several times ...
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Who was Naomi dancing with after the yacht sinks?

As many of you may recall, in The Wolf of Wall Street the yacht sinks somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea as they are trying to reach Monaco. On the next scene, having been rescued by those Italian ...
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Why did people continue to trust Stratton in the Wolf of Wall Street?

Stock brokers at Stratton convinced people to buy shit stocks which were never gonna go up. I think it works like this: If those people became rich, then they'd tell other people to take investing ...
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What does it mean to “give somebody a pass”?

In The Wolf of Wall Street there is a comical scene with Donnie Azoff (in a suit and glasses) and Brad Bodnick (in a black bomber, seen from back), where Donnie gets into a public brawl with Brad. ...
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Why does it show them arguing about TNE vs. TNA?

In the Wolf of Wall Street, all of the founders are in Jordan's office and his dad, Max walks in and gets angry about how much theynhave spent on "dinner". Then Donnie says "It's okay, the IRA allows ...
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Were there any legal issues due to McDonald's references?

In The Wolf of Wall Street 2013, we see many references to "Working at McDonald's" all throughout the film: My question here is: Were there any legal issues due to apparently looking down upon this ...
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Why did Jordan Belfort need people with Swiss passports to smuggle money?

In Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort hires the family of his former drug dealer to smuggle cash to Switzerland. Apparently he chose them because they have Swiss rather than American passports. ...
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Why does 'The Wolf of Wall Street' contain so many nude scenes?

Recently I watched 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and was quite disturbed by the many naked/nude scenes. They seemed a little unecessary to me, as they could as well have been shot as legs alone or similar ...
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Why was the post jail seminar scene with Jordan shown from the event in Auckland, New Zealand?

Considering this movie was largely in America, why was the post jail seminar scene shown in an event from Auckland, New Zealand? Was this a homage to kiwis or to show how far Jordan Belfort has come, ...
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What's the job of Jordan Belfort's father?

I thought at the beginning, Jordan says he came from a family of both his parents being accountants, however later it appears that Jordan's Father is an ex-Cop and a PI?
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How did the FBI get Jordan's note to Donnie?

In The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), how did the FBI get the yellow note that Jordan gave to Donnie toward the end of the movie? There was no mention of it after that or any explanation and nothing to ...
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