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Why did the Japanese guy have this in his hands in The Wailing?

In the Korean movie The Wailing, the Japanese guy has the mark of a nail on his palm in the end. He shows it when in the cave. Much like a crucifixion. But he's shown to be the Devil. What is the ...
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Who was the Shaman?

Regarding the characters in The Wailing I was clear about the old Japanese man as the devil and the girl as the godly person, but who was the Shaman? Some say that he was a helping hand of the devil ...
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Why was the demon after the little girl?

I just watched The Wailing and I am not sure why was demon after the little girl. Two possibilities are, first, as someone said in the movie that he was catching fishes in the village and thus was ...
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What was Jong-goo's sin?

I just watched The Wailing yesterday, and near the end of the movie there is a dialog where tells Jong-goo that the devil targeted him because he sinned, to which he replied something to the effect ...
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What's the meaning of the movie The Wailing by Na Hong-jin?

The horror film 'The Wailing' (2016) by Na Hong-jin delivers a quasi-hysterical bloody rural ghost story which appears to stage a fight between good and evil (often being ambivalent about their ...
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The ending of The Wailing (2016)

I saw The Wailing yesterday, a film by Na Hong-jin and the ending was very confusing to me. Who really was the girl in white? Why did the shaman have the photos of the Japanese old man? Why isn't ...
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