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2004 M. Night Shyamalan film starring Joaquin Phoenix, Adrian Brody and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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2 votes
1 answer

Are the rumors Ivy's father refers to actual myths or just made up?

In The Village Ivy's father reveals to her that the monsters plaguing the town are actually just the elders in disguise. He said that they were based off of rumors in the history books he'd read of ...
7 votes
2 answers

Why was Ivy concerned with wiping the mud off of her yellow cloak?

In the 2004 film, The Village, the villagers wear yellow as a "safe" color to protect themselves against the creatures that live in the woods beyond the borders of their village. The color yellow is ...
1 vote
1 answer

Why does the chair move by itself?

In The Village, when Ivy is standing at the door waiting for Lucius to come back and her sister is asking her to come inside, the camera pans from her sister waiting in the basement trap door to a ...