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The Usual Suspects is a 1995 American neo-noir film directed by Bryan Singer and written by Christopher McQuarrie. It stars Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio del Toro, Chazz Palminteri, Kevin Pollak, Pete Postlethwaite, and Kevin Spacey.

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What does the Hungarian burn victim shout at Jack Baer?

There is an early scene in The Usual Suspects (@ 20m40s) where FBI agent Jack Baer visits a burn victim in the hospital. The victim starts talking in "not English" (we later learn it is ...
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What was the money in the van for?

In the movie The Usual Suspects, we learned at the end that there was no cocaine on the heist boat, and the reason for boat heist was to put a hit on one of the people on the boat. My question is, if ...
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Conspiracy or miraculous coincidence in The usual suspects [closed]

Many of them who repeat watched The usual suspects would have noted the shot where two birds fly across the Twin towers. For those who didn't, the link from YouTube is below. ...
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Why does Dean Keaton give up so quickly?

During the boat scene near the end of The Usual Suspects, Keaton and McManus encounter each other in the engine room. It's clearly unplanned, since they both almost shoot the other. During their ...
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Why did Verbal get legal immunity?

Why did Verbal get immunity in The Usual Suspects when he was clearly involved in the crime? Also at the fight scene, there was a van full of cash that Verbal was supposed to take with him. Didn't ...
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The Usual Suspects what's the joke?

This is basically an attempt to revive this yahoo question which has exactly one answer that is downvoted. (I'm not the OP there though) Apparently there is a brick joke in The Usual Suspects. At ...
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Benicio del Toro as Fenster - What Accent is This?

In The Usual Suspects, Benicio del Toro plays the character of Fenster, who has a very unusual accent. Is this an accent from anywhere in the world, or is it something del Toro made up for the film?
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The Usual Suspects - Truth in Verbal Kint's Story

Verbal Kint (aka Keyser Soze?!) narrates 'the story' of what happened after their police lineup, few weeks back, that ultimately leads up to the finale at the ship. Verbal uses a lot of information ...
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Alternate conclusions of The Usual Suspects

I've heard Stephen Baldwin talk about The Usual Suspects fellowships who meet and try to pin the Keyser Söze identity on characters other than Verbal. I know that Verbal is the true Keyser Söze, but ...
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