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Questions tagged [the-untouchables]

1987 American crime movie directed by Brian DePalma about Eliot Ness' hunt for Al Capone in 1930s Chicago.

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1 answer

Why does Al Capone's lawyer plead guilty?

In The Untouchables, the Judge, knowing that all the juries were paid, finally decides to switch jury with another trial going in the near room. Al Capone's lawer first objects this decision, but ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Origin of "knife to a gunfight" quote

I hope this question isn't too tirivial, but in The Punisher Harry Heck says to Frank You are one dumb son of a bitch. Bringing a knife to a gunfight. right before Frank kills him making said ...
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16 votes
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Why the annoying woman with the kid in the train station?

I just watched The Untouchables and found it to be a great movie, but one scene just seemed strange to me, and did not fit in with the overall atmosphere. While Ness is covering the main entrance of ...
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