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What do all of the "god-rays" in Umbrella Academy Season 2 symbolize?

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that in season 2 of the Umbrella Academy, there are about 50 scenes in which there are prominent "god-rays" in the background. For reference, "...
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Where are the other 36 children born the same day?

The S1E1 intro to The Umbrella Academy clearly states that 43 children were born on that day as "immaculate conceptions"(or however you want to define it). Hargreaves gets 7, but we never hear what ...
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Why the order to protect Leonard?

While Five from The Umbrella Academy is in the past he intercepts a message to protect Leonard. However, later on Vanya ends up killing Leonard, but that didn't stop the apocalypse from happening. ...
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Why was God depicted this way?

In the show The Umbrella Academy S01E07, Klaus has a black and white sequence where he has a conversation with God, shown here as a little girl riding a bicycle: Is there a reason why God was ...
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