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How long after Luc Besson's "discovery" of Natalya Rudakova did the filming of Transporter 3 begin? Just a few "hours" or "lessons" later?

I'd linked to Natalya Rudakova's "doom and gloom" then did a little further reading about the actor. A "mini bio" in IMDB's Natalya Rudakova Biography says only She was born in ...
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Why was Lei in the bag?

In The Transporter (2002) Franck transports Lei in a bag. I have a hard time understanding why she was there in the first place. Did Bettancourt arrange for her to be abducted? If so why, since she ...
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How did the girl get in the car that Frank stole?

I'm watching "The Transporter", and I just noticed something that appears to be a plot hole. After Frank delivers the "package", a girl, the receiver gives him a briefcase to transport, which turns ...
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Weapon results in "The Transporter"

I was watching "The Transporter", and I was wondering about the results of the weapon impacts during the attack on Frank's house. It looks as if the bullets go right through the walls, as if the walls ...
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