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How did Smurfette know her origins in "The Smurfs" (2011) and then, suddenly, she learns Gargamel is her creator in "The Smurfs 2" (2013)?

I'm going to focus on the following question: how did Smurfette know her origins in The Smurfs (2011) and then, suddenly, she learns Gargamel is her creator in The Smurfs 2? Unfortunately, most of the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Sculptor smurf and sledgehammer smurf

I'm trying to find proof (a reference) that sculptor smurf and sledgehammer smurf are not the same character (it's easy to find images of them where the hammer is very different & sculptor has a ...
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In-universe explanation of sex life, dating, reproduction of Smurfs

Is there any in-universe explanation for the disproportionate low number of female Smurfs? This seems a recurrent problem in stories for children, so, How can they smurf children? Do male smurfs ...
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3 votes
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Why Real human roles are missing in Smurfs The Lost Village (2017)?

I already watched first 2 movies of Smurfs series, it contains non animation human roles But this year's Smurfs The Lost Village (2017) released with full of animation excluding non animation roles, ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Why was a Smurf at the final battle if no Smurf arcade game exists?

In Pixels, a Smurf appears amongst all of the video game enemies at the final battle. According to the film, the game footage sent in the space probe was from the 1980's arcade challenge. According ...
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Why are humans often used in movies irrelevant to the story?

I just watched The Lego Movie and, apart from all the random advertisement they put in there, it was a decent movie. Up until it changed from being a story about Construction worker Emmet, Lord ...
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