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Why did the detective help drop the charges against the cult leader in Sinner season 2?

After watching the second season, I'm curious why the detective helped get the charges against Vera Walker dropped. She seemed to be near pure evil the whole season. Childnapping, abuse, attempts to ...
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1 answer

Who was the body in the lake?

In the twisty Netflix psychological drama The Sinner (season 2) a great deal of the plot revolves around Marin, a troubled teen who joins a cult but later disappears years before the action we see. ...
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How much did the parents know in season 1 of The Sinner?

In season 1 of "The Sinner", Cora and Phoebes parents mention during one of the police interviews, that Cora ran away and Phoebe died one month later. This doesn't make sense to me. At that point in ...
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Is the metronome device in The Sinner Season 2 related to the song in Season 1?

In season one of the tv series, The Sinner the main character Cora becomes violent upon hearing an obscure familiar song that unknowingly relates a past traumatic event that she has blocked out. The ...
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Is Season 2 of The Sinner also based on a novel?

The first season of The Sinner (2017) was based on a novel and was advertised as a limited run (aka, a mini-series). It was since renewed for a second season and is being described as an "anthology ...
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